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Full range of professional chimney services in and around the greater Lowell, MA area.

Massachusetts Chimney Sweep Guild Axon Chimney National Chimney Sweep Guild Axon Chimney Chimney Safety Institute of America

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Liscensed, Bonded, Member of Massachusetts Chimney Sweep Guild and CSIA

Emergency Service Available
Contact Phone: 978-970-3800
Email: George Weingart

Chimney Sweeping
  • Fireplace flues
  • Wood stove flues
  • Oil burner furnace flues
  • Gas furnace flues
  • Emergency services
Chimney Caps
  • Single flue
  • Multiflue
  • Custom sized
  • Stainless Steel
  • Copper
  • Bluestone
Chimney repair
  • Damper repair or replacement
  • Masonary chimney repointing
  • Masonary chimney rebuilding
  • Crown repair
  • Fireplace repairs
  • Clean-out door installation
  • Furnace pipe replacement
  • Stove pipe replacement
  • Wood Stove installation
  • Pellet Stove installation
  • Fireplace insert installation
  • Liner installation (Gas, Oil, Solid fuel)
  • Chimney Cap installation
  • Cleanout door installation
  • Ashpit door installation
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Last revised: 2/21/2010

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